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June 3rd, 2004

mimuscardenalis @ 03:59 pm: Er... hello!
I wrote a short story a while back, and here's a little of it.

ColubraCollapse )

Thanks ever so!

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May 29th, 2004

aduxxx @ 11:43 pm: PART TWO.
Here is Part Two of the story; Eva Fleiss ~Or~ Prometheus on CrackCollapse )

May 27th, 2004

aduxxx @ 02:29 pm: PART ONE.
Here's part one of my answer to En's challenge. I'm actually really enjoying working with this story idea, so it will be continued. (especially since this is just an introduction and I'm supposed to write an escape.) :) Inspiration came from everywhere, but it is heavily based on that prize winning short of mine, 024, of which I am now highly embarassed. Ergo, this story will be better.

Eva Fleiss ~Or~ Prometheus On Crack.Collapse )

May 26th, 2004

aduxxx @ 11:12 am: Translator Needed.
Hello friends,
I've come across a fabulous gem of a manuscript (rough draught) of a friend of mine. Unfortunately it's in Hebrew. Is there anyone out there that can translate Hebrew to English?


May 22nd, 2004

halo4 @ 07:06 pm: *en steps to the mic*
Okay...here we go. Since Duxie is obviously busy causing the downfall of at least three third-world countries at this moment, I thought I'd go and post a challenge for the lot of us. So, here it is.

Write a fic based on these lyrics from The Animals song 'We've Gotta Get Out of This Place'...

We gotta get out of this place, If it's the last thing we ever do
We gotta get out of this place, 'cause girl, there's a better life for me and you

same rules as last time apply. have at it, my precioussssses

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May 19th, 2004

spike_phoenix @ 12:35 am: So I have a computer now. Same one, but new hard drive. Which means that everything that was on my old one is dead. Dead I say. Anyhow- my answer to the first challenge. I messed up the quote in my head, so I keep that mistake here. Hope it didn't come out too bad. I was going to do a word-count, but apparantly, MS Word is hiding from me.


in which Noche writes something that is not a threesome pr0nfestCollapse )

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May 10th, 2004

aduxxx @ 06:09 pm: Seaman's Challenge.
So here's my own answer to the first challenge. My inspiration came from my grandfather and the way he tells stories. Old folks have a certain way of telling stories, like Abe Simpson from the Simpsons, although often times slightly more coherent. It's based on the actual 1953 flood.

Summary: The day a young boy found out that even his parents lied some times.

1953Collapse )

May 9th, 2004

lyotto @ 02:21 am: Until You See the Roses
Well, I may as well. It being the wee hours of the morning here and me being a gimp and all, I've got nothing better to do (except studying, but nevermind that little detail).

Inspiration: Well, I have a series of stories collectively called "The Pirates of Ocean Free", which I started jotting down rough notes for a few years back but still haven't started seriously writing. Packing my stuff up, I came across some sketches of one of my favorite characters, Mason the Skinner, which led to some discussion with my wife about the stories and how I should start working on them again when I unpack my notebooks for the summer. This all being on my mind anyway, the challenge got me thinking. The line we were supposed to write the story around sounded a lot like something Mason would say. And so...
Summary: His ship is ready to sail again, but Alex is without a crew. He's in search of as many past shipmates as he can find. Unfortunately, one of the two he was counting on the most may be unable to join them.

Until You See the RosesCollapse )

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halo4 @ 02:35 am: the first graduate challenge.....
Well, this might well suck a big bunch of cocks, but it was sorta entertaining to write. I read over the requirements and for some reason I had a Stephen King short story pop in my head. I can't remember the damn name of it, but this guy started eating parts of his body when he was stranded on an island for weeks. I also think I spelled 'Ferarri' wrong, but I'm too lazy to look it up.

Oh, and I forgot about the damned sign post thing until after I wrote it, so I sorta just stuck it in. Alas.....But anyway, here we go with....

SessionsCollapse )

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